Adopt a Lamb

Adopt a Lamb

Adopt A Lamb Your Very Own Lamb

In the area of the Ring of Kerry Mountain Lamb have been in the hill and on the roads for many hundreds of years. Every year thousands of tourist come to specifically to Dingle to see the beautiful countryside and make memories that last a lifetime of the Ewes and Little Lambs wandering around, enjoying their freedom.

The Goal of Adopt a Lamb is to preserve the special surroundings of mountain Lamb, living in the mountains in the scenic area of the Dingle Peninsula.

How to Adopt Your Lamb

You can Adopt a Lamb for €50.00 a year become and Adoptive Parent in order to maintain their way of life. This covers the costs of maintaining one mountain Lamb for a year.

Name your Adoptive Lamb. Adoptive Parents can visit the Farm Free of Charge and join in one of our Scheduled Demonstrations and meet their Adopted Lamb.

Be An Adoptive Parent

If you want to be a Parent to one of these Lambs visit us in Ventry and make your selection. Just talk to the herder after the show.

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